Paros Compound has strength 11 Associations , Which is written 1.300 farmers, represented by an equal number of rural families - farms. 

Established in 1929 and essentially starts the action of the 1956 with the first private winery. Since then and until today, the existence and activity is closely related to the history of the island vines. 

stations in this recent history is establishing the 1956 the first wineries PAC Paros recognition in 1981 Paros as wine production zone VQPRD and construction of Union modern winery in 1987. 

The 1996 begins program to reconstitute the Parian wine, launched by the Union in collaboration with the National Agricultural Research Foundation, aimed at more efficient exploitation of the Parian vineyards and produce even higher quality and higher biological value wine products.

The winery Union capacity is 3.500 tonnes and assembles each time the 80% approximately of the island grape production, agent both Designation rate wine origin "Paros", both topically "Aegean" means two board "Hundred Gates", all three also table "Nisiotissa".