Name: pasta

products: original traditional pasta


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This pasta made from pure raw materials with homemade traditional way. 

INGREDIENTS: Net semolina durum wheat 100%, fresh eggs, fresh cow milk, tomato, spinach, carrot, beetroot, dehydrated and non-mutant.

In the production strictly observed all the hygiene conditions under Certified Quality Management System and food safety by: ISO 22000: 2005 

Product Recommendation by 100 gr: Semolina 95% egg 3% milk 2%, carrot 3% tomato 3%, beetroot 3%, spinach 3%, spices 3%


Appearance Color: Light yellow, or analogously material 

Odor - Flavor: Typical pasta not betray alteration

LIFETIME PRODUCT: 24 months (from the date of production) 

PACKING: In a plastic disk usage and reduce membrane suitable for food and after a transmission of 3 Kgr 

STORAGE / MAINTENANCE: To a clean and dry warehouse to 24 months. storage temperature to 25 ° C, Humidity Storage to 65%

Allergens: Wheat gluten, egg and its products.

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