OUZO: Drink Pure as the wave of the Sea

The history of ouzo is as old as the history of distillation. The traces are lost forever and stories about the origin of the name are numerous. The prevailing says the name of the favorite drink of the Greeks probably comes from the Italian expression «Uso di Massalia» which means "for use in Marseille," the city that was one of the first export destination in the middle of 19 th century. Today ouzo ambassador of Greece abroad, with exports to more than 40 countries, but its production is exclusively within synoron.To "gentle" drink of Greece falls into the category of distilled "anis" international name under which known drinks by anise and comes from superior manufacturing process involves the use of exclusively agricultural, natural raw materials. One of the key features of Ouzo is the purity of which is ensured by the distillation process. The production of distillate, a true rite is long and done so far in the traditional way, in small copper stills. Ouzo in Greece served from aperitif to accompany appetizers and food. Neat, with water, with or without ice, soft, gullible, refreshing. The enjoyment of a real ritual. So improvise and discover the experience of authentic Greek drink


Tyrnavou Ouzo Ouzo is the first ever made.

Ouzo, which is recognized as the national drink of Greece, started by Nikos Katsaris the 1856 .

Since that time, there were many attempts to replicate the rich aroma and high quality that had created the brothers Katsarou.Mechri today Ouzo Tyrnavou remains perhaps the best Ouzo in the world.