Many centuries before the invention of the refrigeration chambers, which brought the fresh fisherman out of the sea to your kitchen, our ancestors had devised ways of maintenance, such as sunbathing and pastry. Both processes require the fish to be torn in the middle, filleted, relying on the dehydration of his meat, either from sun exposure or from too much salt. The process of the paste requires the fish to be cleaned immediately, the offal and the head removed and rubbed with plenty of salt, which absorbs the liquids. The queue stays, so that the customer can catch up with this meal. After a few days the salt is replaced with fresh, dry, and the fish stacked air-tightly into the salt to be preserved.

We work with one of the oldest companies of its kind and provide a wide variety of products such as salted fish, fish fillets, smoked fish etc. in order to satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers.



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